Karun Soni

Fine Artist, Dotty Founder

Dotty is a kind of pointillism, where I use fragmented brush strokes to create wild explosions of colour, with high contrast. It's light hearted name and unorthodox approach is celebrating art as something that should be universally fun. If you look up Dotty in the dictionary it means: 'eccentric or slightly mad' (!) I love this as a representation of the brand, as it is a completely scattered and disorganised in style, yet only pulled together by the object I'm depicting.

In terms of subject matter, I've been doing commissions for 8 years for a large number of clients- so it certainly varies! I have also done a number of independent projects, where I create bodies of work based on my own interests. Every now and again I'll do a fairly 'random' piece as a matter of urgency after some strong inspiration. One of example of this is 'The Dotty Tree' [INSERT REF HERE] which was inspired by a dream where I walked underneath this mysterious, colourful, magical tree. I woke up and immediately started painting it!