The Artist


Summary :

- Graphic Design at University of Leeds.

- 7 years of professional painting experience.

- Specialist oil painter.

- Other services include drawing, graphics and illustration.




I'm a 25 year old artist living in London, specialising in oil painting. When I'm not doing commissions, the inspiration for my own projects always comes from a personal space which takes shapes in many ways. I think being honest with myself, keeping a clear head and getting inspiration from other art forms (mostly music) is really important. One important example of something that has heavily inspired me is my grandmothers record collection, which was the spark that led to a large amount of my work to date. After scratching the surface and looking at these designs, I began looking into my grandparents and their experiences transitioning from India to the UK. I compare and contrast my ancestors life to mine. I get inspiration through juxtaposing and combining both worlds. Some of my art is inspired by events even further back, such as The British Raj. My deepest inspiration comes from creating art that is personal, and to do this I've had to be true to myself to create something raw and honest.

I've always loved creating. I was painting sunsets in Goa, when I was 7 years old. I remember these long walks and weird baby crabs jumping out of holes in the sand, biting you as you walked along the beach. I didn't care because it was the most stunning sunset you'll ever see. I went back to Goa again recently and saw the same apricot sun hanging in the same dusty sky. In the 18 years between my visits to Goa I've produced a large number of paintings, executed bespoke commissions for clients and exhibited work professionally.

My style has become my brand. When people described my work, they'd say it is: Dotty. It is a kind of pointillism, where I use fragmented brush strokes to create wild explosions of colour, with high contrast. It's light hearted name and unorthodox approach is celebrating art as something that should be universally fun. If you look up Dotty in the dictionary it actually means: 'eccentric or slightly mad' (!) I love this as a representation of the brand, as it is a completely scattered and disorganised in style, yet only pulled together by the object I'm depicting.