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Why do I paint what I paint?


Recently, I was fortunate enough to meet someone who continuously asked ‘WHY?’ I paint what I paint- which lead me on a long trail of thought... 

My paintings have been about the injustice of the British Empire, challenging old fashioned perceptions of women in Indian Society, and making statements against acid attacks. I’ve also sold art for One Kind Act Charity and North London Hospice. The common denominator is that these pieces are about helping people who have suffered- either in the past or now.

I know that any kind of suffering seriously gets to me. Whether it is me joining a charity, or withdrawing £20 on a Saturday night to give to a homeless person- I find it hard to ignore any kind of hardship. I’m not convinced this is because I’m a good person- I think this is because various personal issues I’ve faced in the past have manifested themselves in this way. Whether it was my dyslexia as a child, years of anxiety or loss of a family member- I always seem to fight back against these issues with outrageous optimism and trying to better everything, but paintings seem to be the only place I’m honest. That is where I illustrate what affects me and others in the past. But even if my inspiration comes from a bad place, it is proof that you can turn it into something positive, bright and colourful.

Karun Soni