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British Asian

Over time I have slowly realised that more of my art is consistently inspired and informed by experiences that took shape before I was born by familial ties in India. I navigate this inter-generational juxtaposition by exploring what it means to be a British Asian and the historical bizarre parallels with the British Raj. Me, and the “brown- skinned” generations like me, never feel totally “at home” in the UK, but neither do we feel “at home” in India. We are wedged somewhere in the middle. We pick and choose which bits we like from each culture. We have one face for our parents and another for our peers. But for me this schism creates exciting, unique and unpredictable artistic expressions in the forms of writing, music, comedy, acting...etc. We are the first ones that feel this way, and this cultural synchronicity unfolds before our eyes.

To be a BA
Karun Soni